Gary Gates
for Texas


Gary moved to Texas in 1986 along with his wife Melissa. He built Gatesco Inc., having a strong belief into commitment to entrepreneurship and capitalism. Today they have a family-owned real estate investment company that operates in Texas. Gatesco owns over 3,500 multi-family residentials and provides workplaces for more than 200 people.

Gates family suffered a dramatic event in 1992, they lost their premature son Jacob. Thereafter, they felt like adoption is a good solution and by 1998 they had thirteen children, eleven were adopted, some of them with special needs and others were in Texas foster care system for some time. 

Life stance

Gary Gates main political stances are:
- Economically strong Texas;
The economy of Texas is second biggest one in U.S. It means that there’s still a room for an improvement in the area.
- Creating new workplaces;
The unemployment % for the state is something around 5, it’s not the biggest one, but still very high. New workplaces is a necessity, that’s why Gary will do his best to attract new investments in the state.
- Improvement of lifecare services;
Lifecare industry is growing rapidly in the state of Texas. It’s something Texas can be proud of and it’s something that shouldn’t stop at any cause.
- Believe taxes should not be increased for anybody and that wages should be set by the free market;
Gary believes in the free market and that competition can bring one to success. Taxes must be permanent and not reviewed on a yearly basis.
- Against abortion;
We should think about the future of our country and it’s population as well as to follow the Bible.
- Tighter legislation for any undocumented immigrants;
Immigration is a real issue. There’s nothing bad if we could attract the best representatives in the field, but still this sphere must be regulated, so that workplaces every american get a workplace.
- Less regulation in the gun control;
Guns is a very sensitive theme. Though everyone in this country has a right to defend himself and his family.
- Charity organizations must be free of all the taxes;
This kind of organizations are nonprofit ones, and their primary objectives are philanthropy and social well-being. Also, they can be of a help when it comes to growing young patriots for the country.
- Death penalty is necessary.
If a person killed another human, for such a serious crime there must be a punishment. When criminals know that their actions may cost them their lives, they will think twice before commiting a crime. 

Social Life

Gary Gates and his wife Melissa are very active within Republican clubs and the Conservative movement communities. Since 2002, Gary has served as a delegate for the State Party Convention and has been a member on several committees during each of the last six convention cycles. He is a former board member of the local Pregnancy Resource Center, he had the honor of hosting at Fort Bend GOP at his ranch, and he’s a lifetime member of the Fort Bend County Fair Association. Also, they are active members of Grace Community Bible Church.